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Angry Moose

With an AngryMoose LED lamp you are King of the Night. At Lights and Styling you can order the lamps from AngryMoose online, whether it is a spotlight or a work lamp. The range of Angry Moose consists of LED bars, LED cubes, round lamps and oval lamps, with or without position light. Of course also in a wide variety of beam patterns so that you are certainly helped with the lighting from AngryMoose. The LED bars of AngryMoose have the same dimensions and the same appearance as those of Rigid Industries, but AngryMoose is more favorable in terms of price. The products are suitable for truck, car, delivery van and motorcycle, whether on-road or off-road. To simplify your choice: it is best to choose the "scene" light image for a work lamp. For bright lights, choose "spot" for only a long beam pattern and "combi" for a wide and long beam pattern.